Safety Program
Our Safety Program in place is for the well-being of each of our employees, other people, equipment and property. It is our policy to provide a healthy and safe place of employment for our employees and the public in all company operations. 

Each employee will comply with all safety regulations as they pertain to the OSHA Construction Industry Regulations 29 CFR 1926.

Safety will always take precedence over more expedient unsafe operations. Every attempt will be made to assure appropriate worker safety training, availability of proper equipment and to create conditions that will provide for a safe workplace. We have consistent training updates to ensure our workforce maintains safe current working standards and procedures.

Team Effort
Safety requires a team effort to succeed. The efforts of each employee share a common goal of preventing all work-place injuries and property accidents. Workplace injuries cause pain, suffering and financial loss for each member of our construction workforce.

All of our employees are responsible for anticipating, recognizing, evaluating and controlling risk in the workplace.

Our company as a whole strives to maintain what is one of the lowest Experience Modification Factor Ratings in the Construction Industry. By encouraging all of our employees to uphold a safe work environment, we are able to hold onto such a low EMR Rating.